Czech-German Area Studies

Name of Specialisation

 Czech-German Area Studies

Type of programme


Length of Programme

3 years

Mode of study




Specialisation Description

This specialisation provides students with theoretical and, above all, practical philological (linguistic and literary) knowledge that can be applied in the Czech - German area on the backdrop of awareness of Central European historical, social, political, and cultural contexts. The target level of language competencies in the German language is level B2 to C1 SERR, in the second selected language (English, French, Spanish, Italian) B1 SERR.

Part of the programme is also study of public administration at all levels, both in the Czech Republic and in the German-speaking countries. Graduates will also gain intercultural competencies, specialised in detail in relation to German-speaking countries, as well as basic translation and interpreting competencies. An important part of the specialisation is also a two-month practicum in one of the German-speaking countries.

Graduate profile

The specialisation equips graduates with knowledge of the theoretical and applied philological base in general German and professional language at level B2-C1 SERR. Graduates will also have an overview of the structure and functioning of public administration at all levels in the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria, as well as the historical, social, political and cultural contexts of the Czech Republic and German-speaking countries.

Thanks to the acquired specialist and professional skills, the graduates have a wide range of employment opportunities. They can be employed as assistants, independent administrators or in lower and middle management positions in the private or public sector, both in domestic and foreign German-speaking institutions. The graduates can find employment in the bodies and institutions of the European Union, at different levels of the Czech public administration - from the central authorities of state administration of the Czech Republic (ministries) to local authorities (regional authorities, city authorities and municipalities and their constituted municipalities). Due to their knowledge of applied philology (German economic, legal and administrative terminology) they can work at all levels of administrative management of the European Danube-Vltava region or in other Euroregions connecting the Czech Republic with Germany or Austria.

Guaranteeing Workplace

Institute of Czech-German Area Studies and German Studies FA USB


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