Italian Language

Name of Specialisation

 Italian Language

Type of programme


Length of Programme

3 years

Mode of study




Specialisation Description

The programme enables students to acquire language competencies in Italian at level C1 of the European Reference Framework. The compulsory component also includes familiarization with relevant cultural backgrounds, including a wider historical context. In addition, the discipline enables students to deepen their knowledge of cultural and social realities either by systematically studying Romance literatures with an emphasis on Italian literature or by studying European and commercial law together with relevant specialist language seminars in Italian. Even applicants without prior knowledge of Italian can apply for this programme as an intensive language course is included in the first year of study.

Graduate profile

Graduates of the Italian Language programme will have mastered French language at least at level C1 and will be able of independent philological work in the field of contemporary language.

Graduates can find employment especially in fields requiring deeper knowledge of current Italian language, e.g. in editor’s offices, non-profit organizations or enterprises focusing on international cooperation in the field of culture. They can hold positions of an assistant, an independent administrator, or within lower and middle management. Thanks to interdisciplinary links between philological and legal areas, they can be employed in institutions liaising with the institutions of the European Union or mediate cross-border cooperation with partner Euroregions. Graduates will also be able to continue in consecutive Master's studies focusing on Italian philology or Teacher Training for Upper Secondary Schools in Italian language.

Guaranteeing Workplace

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Admission Procedure

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