Bohemian History

 Name of Specialisation

Bohemian History

 Type of programme


 Length of Programme

4 years

 Mode of study

on site and combined



 Specialisation Description

The Doctoral programme aims to produce well specialised scientifically orientated graduates. It is divided into three successive areas. In the Heuristic Methodology part, the Doctoral students shall deepen and extend their methodological knowledge in historical science, historiography and philosophy of history, which they obtained in their previous Master's degree studies. They shall demonstrate an adequate level of linguistic knowledge and formulate heuristic starting points of their Dissertation. In the Critical-Interpretation phase, the PhD students shall gain a comprehensive overview of heuristic and deepen the methodological side of their research. They shall prove their ability to publish partial conclusions of their research through various shorter forms of scientific communication. In the final part of their studies the students will focus on the Dissertation thesis, which will have the form of an original scientific monograph.

Graduate profile

Each graduate must demonstrate a complete mastery of the theory of historical science and create an original and prolific scientific paper. Deeper specialization predestines graduates to finding employment in primary research-based institutions.    

 Guaranteeing Workplace

Institute of History FA USB


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 Admission Procedure

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