Name of Specialisation

(single-specialisation and dual specialisation)

Type of programme


Length of Programme

3 years

Mode of study




Specialisation Description

The Bachelor's programme of Aesthetics is designed for those interested in studying aesthetics, art and culture. It consists mainly of courses dealing with basic aesthetics and theory of art, foundations of philosophy, history of individual art forms (literature, art, photography, architecture, film, music) and history and theory of culture. The core aim of the programme is to provide orientation in the systematic and historical basis of the field, with particular emphasis on art criticism, aesthetics of visual arts, general media issues and individual areas of non-art aesthetics (especially aesthetics of nature and landscape and aesthetics of behaviour).

Graduate profile

Graduates of Bachelor's degree in Aesthetics are equipped to apply their knowledge and skills in a variety of cultural institutions, media, state administration and self-government institutions or can be employed as experts dealing with cultural heritage. Graduates of the Bachelor's degree programme are also prepared, besides the basic practical application of the theoretical knowledge, to pursue further education in humanities, especially in the fields of philosophy, aesthetics, literary science and art history. Courses taught within this specialisation produce professionals who are able to provide critical aesthetic analysis of various aesthetic or aesthetic values ​​related phenomena concerning culture and nature.

Possible combinations with   other dual specialisations

Art History, Cultural Studies, English Language and Literature, Czech Studies

Guaranteeing Workplace

Institute of Art and Culture Studies FA USB


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Admission Procedure

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