Name of Specialisation


 Type of programme

Consecutive Master's

 Length of Programme

2 years

 Mode of study




 Specialisation Description

Master's degree programme in Archaeology aims to extend the theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge of the students who previously completed the same Bachelor's degree programme. In the Master's study, emphasis is placed on deepening the knowledge of archaeological theory and methodology (for example in courses "Archaeological theory, methodology and criticism of sources", "Non-destructive archaeology" or "Landscape archaeology") on the one hand and on the other, to expand the understanding of pan-European connections of prehistoric to modern times. Whereas in the Bachelor's degree programme the main focus was on the understanding of individual epochs in the Czech lands with specific interest in the South Bohemian region, the students in Master’s programme study the European context of archaeological sources in individual epochs from prehistory to modern times. Within their specialization, determined by the selection of the Master's Thesis topic and dealt with in the specialized seminars, students will be able to choose from a number of elective courses covering in a comprehensive way both partial archaeological topics (e.g. prehistoric religions, introduction to classical archaeology, selected problems in the Iron Age, Medieval settlements), as well as topics connected to related disciplines (e.g. history, numismatics, ethnoarchaeology, natural sciences, monument care). Practical knowledge of archaeological research, documentation of archaeological situations and laboratory work with artefacts will be extended within the compulsory summer archaeological practicums.

Graduate profile

 Graduates of the consecutive Master's degree programme of Archaeology will be able to act as professional archaeologists able to independently organize and carry out archaeological research and its processing, evaluation and presentation. On the theoretical level, they will be acquainted with all categories of archaeological sources in the Czech lands and all the necessary European contexts. The graduates will have not only have a thorough knowledge of the Czech literature of the field, but will also be familiar with the whole European production. At the practical level, the graduates will be able to deal with all field prospection, excavation and documentation of archaeological sources and provide both basic laboratory and theoretical processing. All the necessary skills will be demonstrated by the student not only by completing all the courses enrolled, but also by successful defence of their Master's Thesis, which will be the outcome of their independent work both in the field and in the processing of the acquired knowledge. 

 Guaranteeing Workplace

Institute of Archaeology FA USB


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