Culural Studies

 Name of Specialisation

Cultural Studies

 Type of programme

Consecutive Master's

 Length of Programme

2 years

 Mode of study




 Specialisation Description

The programme follows on the concept of the Bachelor's degree in Cultural Studies, but in contrast to its orientation towards primary materials and fundamental historical awareness of developmental units, it is focused on analysis and interpretation, where students should acquire the ability to theorize the studied issue and apply a methodological self-reflection to the procedures they use. The programme is composed interdisciplinary across humanities, from linguistic and literary culture through aesthetics, history of art to modern history. It contributes to broader vertical permeability of the programme, as graduates of a broader spectrum of Bachelor's programmes can enter (Cultural Studies, Czech Studies and other philological disciplines, History, Aesthetics, Art History, etc.). In this conception, graduates will gain wider opportunities on the labour market and a more comprehensive view of the phenomenon of modern culture during studies and subsequent practical application in the workplace.

Cultural studies explore culture and cultural products (not only works of art, but also other cultural phenomena such as social structures, clothing and behaviour, popular and mass culture products, etc.) as attributes that substantially shape and modify our view of the world. The programme deals with different forms of cultural representations (verbal versus visual culture, factual versus artistic representation), the mechanisms of their functioning, their relation to the times they were created in, and their (ideological) impact on the consumer. It also focuses on areas mostly ignored by traditional fields (e.g. popular culture).

The concept of the programme aims to popularize and enrich the scientifically oriented degree programmes at the FA USB by bringing contemporary European and world trends of interdisciplinary studies across a range of humanities, based on the English-speaking countries traditional methodology and contemporary studies of modern cultures in historical contextual connections into the Czech environment.

Graduate profile

Graduates will have acquired knowledge of modern sociocultural history of Europe, history of everyday culture and history of modern and contemporary art, as well as knowledge of theoretical concepts and concepts necessary for critical analysis and interpretation of modern culture and mechanisms of its functioning.

They will be familiar with contemporary European and world interdisciplinary trends across a range of humanities, methodologically based on the tradition of English-speaking countries and contemporary studies of modern cultures in historical context.

They will have acquired the ability to critically analyse and interpret modern culture and civilization as cultural phenomena diversified by the media (history of ideas, modern and traditional culture and pop culture, relationship of humans to the world and nature, including visual interpretations of culture).

Graduates will have gained knowledge and competencies enabling independent creative work in a variety of cultural fields and institutions dealing with culture in the broadest sense.

The most successful graduates shall be able to continue in Doctoral studies (of Modern History, Culture Theory, Literary Science, etc.), thus increasing the vertical permeability of the programme from Bachelor's to Doctoral at the Faculty of Arts and other faculties within the Czech Republic.

 Guaranteeing Workplace

Institute of Art and Culture Studies FA USB


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