Institute of Czech-German Area Studies and German Studies


The Institute of Czech-German Area Studies and German Studies is profiled as a workplace oriented in its pedagogical and scientific activities on the area represented by the Czech Republic and German-speaking countries.

The Institute has accredited two Bachelor's degree programs: an interdisciplinary program Czech-German Area Studies and a German study program German Language and Literature.

The graduates of these bachelor's degree programs and related subjects are offered a follow-up master's degree program Czech-German Area Studies, whose content responds to the establishment of the European Danube-Vltava Region. Students are therefore purposefully prepared during their studies for professional activities in this area.

Follow-up Master's degree program Czech-German Area Studies is intended for bachelor's degree programs with the German Language and Literature program. This program is based on a territorially linked conception of Czech and German philology with social sciences. In compulsory subjects, Germanistic philology is preferred, compulsory optional subjects are offered in two modules: a module with a philological focus and a module with a social science focus.

All study programs also offer students numerous mobility abroad in German-speaking countries and elsewhere (ERASMUS +, CEEPUS, GIP, Sprach- und Sommerkurse, DAAD-Studienstipendien). Their aim is to enable students to increase their language and communication skills, to confirm intercultural competences, to apply the theoretical knowledge gained during their studies and to enhance personal cross-border contacts.

Academic staff of the Institute of Czech-German Area Studies and German Studies execute the international project "Aus der Tradition in die Zukunft. Das sprachlich-literarische Erbe Ostbayerns und Südböhmens als Fokus universitärer Zusammenarbeit / From Tradition to the Future. Language and Literary Heritage of East Bavaria and South Bohemia as the Focus of University Collaboration". The project is implemented in the Cross-Border Cooperation Programme Czech Republic - Free State of Bavaria, Objective EUS 2014-2020 and is solved together with the academic staff of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Passau in the period 2016 - 2019. For more details see: From Tradition to the Future.