Programme 2021 is being prepared

Programme 2020

The programme consists of language course, lectures, excursions, cultural events and weekend trips.



Teaching takes place on the premises of the Faculty of Arts of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice

The course consists of 25 teaching units per week (teaching unit = 45 minutes)


A Beginners attend an intensive language course of five lessons a day (three in the morning and two in the afternoon) based either on English, or German.

The course graduates will understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases aimed at the satisfaction of needs of a concrete type.

B Intermediate students attend a three-lesson language course in the morning and a two-lesson seminar of their choice (reading literature, conversation, and grammar) in the afternoon.

Course participants will develop communication skills. They will learn to respond to various communication situations and acquire more complex grammatical phenomena.

C Advanced students attend a five-lesson conversation course and seminars in phonetics and grammar.

Course participants develop communication skills. They will expand their vocabulary to be able to communicate on interesting topics, learn to express their opinion on the given topics and extend their knowledge of selected grammatical phenomena. Emphasis is placed on developing productive skills, especially speaking.


Lectures are given in Czech and cover various subjects in linguistics, literary history, Czech cultural history, and ethnography.



The programme also includes visits to museums, libraries and galleries. The contemporary cultural life is presented through cinema and theatre performances, concerts, exhibitions, etc. For sport-loving participants there is a variety of sports events.



▫️ Hluboká na Vltavou

▫️ Český Krumlov (UNESCO world heritage list)

▫️ Terčino údolí Nové Hrady

▫️ Jindřichův Hradec

▫️ Tábor

❕ Scholarship holders are always fully reimbursed for two trips.

Participants of the Summer School are assisted by our two charming hostesses - who are available to help with any problems that might arise and who also accompany the students to afternoon/evening events around the city.