Student Dormitories Computer Network

Internet connection at dormitories

Operation of the network, its organization and management, connection conditions and sanctions are governed by the Management and Policies for the Use of Student Dormitory Computer Network which every network user must undertake to comply with and by the Ordinance of the USB Rector on the Use of Computers, Computer Networks and Software at the University of South Bohemia.

Connection conditions

1.    You must be a student or employee of the University of South Bohemia.

2.    You must be a long-term resident.

3.    You need to have your own technical equipment with a suitable network card and cable.

How to connect

1.    Plug the device you want to connect to the data socket in your room.

2.    Log in to AT-Dormitory at

3.    In the Internet tab, submit a Connection Request - complete the form as directed.

4.    Wait for your application to be processed (within 5 business days).